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Naš kod: P159666

Top case SHAD SH39 Carbon

SH39 new generation midrange top case in carbon finish. Full+jet helmet capacity. Backrest and brake light available. Plate included. Više informacija
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Case with capacity for one full face helmet or two helmets: full face and jet

The SH39 represents a new top case generation that evolves and advances to offer products that feature technical improvements with a great attention to aesthetic details, with rounded shapes and reflectors integrated in the top case’s shape.
The SH39 was created with a great attention to the technical details and a modern style, with a carbon coloured cover that gives it an aggressive look. It is made with the highest quality materials to achieve higher resistance and exclusivity. It has the perfect size both to move around the city or for longer trips and can be mounted both on scooters and on medium-displacement bikes.
The highlights of the new SH39 are its lightness and its optimized volume. It is the lightest case of its category, as both the base and the cover are designed with the minimum thickness but with the same resistance to shocks and scratches, thus being lighter than another case with the same volume. The optimized internal space allows it to make the most of the space and so it has a real 39-litre capacity. Its design was specially studied to offer a compact top case with a high capacity.
It is the first of the midrange top cases that includes a great improvement, as if its mechanism breaks, it can be replaced, not only the lock, but also the hook.
As an accessory, it offers a light kit that can be adapted to the internal side of the plate, which makes it easy and fast to install. It can also include a backrest that ensures ergonomy and comfort for the passenger and colour covers.
Like the rest of the SHAD cases (except for TR48/TR37)., it includes a plate and a screw kit.

PDF User manual

Proizvođač SHAD
Secure lock system YES
SHAD change colour system YES
2 helmets integral and jet
Dimensions 43x51x32 cm
Real capacity 39 liters
Maximum load 4kg
Plate included YES
Naš kod: P159666

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