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Naš kod: P299523

Konvencionalni akumulatori (incl.acid pack) FULBAT FB30CL-B (YB30CL-B) Acid pack included

Conventional lead acid battery (dry charged), delivered dry, including acid pack, JIS standard YB30CL-B, 12V 30Ah CCA 300 A, Dimensions 165x130x192mm Više informacija
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DRY batteries are lead acid flooded batteries. These batteries need to be filled before first use. DRY High Performance batteries include a sulfation retardant technology which reduces battery-killing plate sulfation. This results in a longer battery life, especially in standby or storage mode. These batteries are perfectly suitable for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs (Ali Terrain Vehicles), UTVs (Utility Vehicles), watercraft, snowmobiles and lawnmowers.


Does not to be recharged while stocked
High Performance technology
6 and 12V varietes


Upright installation only
Has to be checked periodically and refilled with water if necessary
Activation needed
Impossible to send by package

PDF 2017 Motorcycle Leaflet
PDF Fulbat DRY manual

Proizvođač FULBAT
Position upright position only
Capacity 30 Ah
Cold cranking amps 300 A
Voltage 12V
Dimensions 165x130x192 mm
Naš kod: P299523
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